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I am an animal lover...

We have had dogs since I was a child and frankly, I cannot imagine my life without a furry companion, they offer a love you simply cannot beat. If you are an animal lover you know exactly what I mean...


Currently we have 4 dogs, a cat and 4 fish, I also love reptiles, rodents and all creatures. I am telling you this because not everyone shares knowledge or understanding of the...


HUGE sense of loss we feel when we lose one of our pet family members.


It is exactly that, a loss, a void, a vacuum that cannot simply be filled by another pet of the same breed-(often the insensitive advice given to those of us who are mourning our loss.)


This little (or big) creature might for many, have been their only family member,  who relied on them like a parent (I totally get that), for some this provided the routine of their day and a sense of being needed, its a mutual devotion- animals don't do drama or nastiness, they are honest in their everything.

So, hopefully you are getting a picture that I understand how you might be feeling at this point if you have just or previously lost your special pet.

(Me with our 4 canine besties)



It may be that it is your child's pet who has died and they are so distraught that you simply do not know how to acknowledge their loss and match the level of pain they are feeling in a way that you feel satisfied with....


I can help, as a professional celebrant and one who comes with bucket loads of creativity (as a professional  artist) and highly tuned writing skills (as a poet), parenting skills (as a parent of 3) and a non judgemental attitude, I would be DELIGHTED to meet with you and come up with some kind of tribute that give importance to your loss, that enables a process for the grief of a pet for adults and children and allows a shared respect to a person who might feel alone.

I also offer a 'Final Moments' service for home or vet based support, I will support you before and after your pet has been 'put to sleep'


You can combine a variety of packages for additional costs including a chauffeur driven car that takes your animal or ashes from the vet (or home) to the place you would like them to be and celebrate the love. WE also provide memorials with permanently etched photographs that can be kept in or outdoors, please ask..

My Pet Based Art Below 

I also provide:

Thank you Ceremonies

(including for working / support / therapy dogs*)

Pet Naming or Adoption Welcoming Ceremonies

Pet Birthday Ceremonies

Faux Wedding Ceremonies* 

Anything else :)

Please note I am utterly committed to respecting animals and this would be to share our love of pets and their friendships through sets, play and celebration, if your dog enjoys being dressed etc then that is fine, but no forced  treatment, humans can dress up and be as adventurous as they wish.

I can write a ceremony for any occasion and will spend time with you to understand key relationships between humans and animals and their significance to family life

I have a collection of props for my ceremonies (ie to provide metaphor or symbolism)

BUT do not provide food, drinks, party items etc.

My main task is to write and deliver a ceremonial based service that offers a recognition of the value of our pets, human compassion and understanding, support (in terms of collection of ashes if required) an opportunity to talk to someone about the sense of loss of /and gain, healing, thanks, acknowledgement and friendship



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