What is a Celebrant Poem

Alienate or educate?

by Gwyn Davies

Artwork by Colleen Allen

Celebrant, Celebrant, what is it you do?

I’m a little old fashioned, and haven’t a clue.

Celebrant, Celebrant, what is it you do?

Are you religious, or is that taboo?

Who is your target, where is your goal?

I’m a little confused, as to what is your role.

Are you religious, or the atheist sort,

I’m a bit in the dark and need to be taught.

Well let me enlighten, I’ll try and explain,

I’m there as a person to try ease the pain.

It isn’t about me or any belief,

I try help the loved ones to help with their grief.

There’s more than two options, to help people through,

So I’ll try and explain, what us Celebrant’s do.

We take an approach, with a personal touch,

For loved ones in need of the help for a crutch.

Some aren’t religious, but still want a prayer,

Or even a hymn, and we’re happy to share.

It just shouldn’t matter in our belief,

We’ll use an approach, that helps bring relief.

So each service it varies, and that is our aim,

Each service is special, and no two the same.

So as you can see, it’s not black or white,

We offer a service that we just try make right.

Right for the person, who’s life has passed on,

And try help those hurting, as they loved one as gone.

We tick all the boxes, some people say,

We try make it special, in our own unique way.

Times are a changing, changing so fast,

We must try move forward, not stuck in the past.

So, we are here when you need us,

give us a try, Just take a look,

there’ll be one close by.

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