Kudos to: The Natural Death Centre

I am extremely 'picky' about the organisations I associate myself with as celebrant, but I will champion The Natural Death Centre Charity daily. I am delighted to now be acknowledged within their website as a professional celebrant with integrity, who strictly abides by the ethos of the charity and make no mistake, this is entirely because what they believe ties fully with my own philosophies :)

Please do look at their website it is incredibly helpful at a very difficult time, respectful, mindful, informative, creative and can help you to create something beautiful, unique, affordable, creative, you will most certainly find a lot of information around options that you probably did not know previously. (I wish I had known of them when my mum died).

Here is my pledge

'As a celebrant who shares the values of the Natural Death Centre Charity, I see my role as supportive rather than directive, and I undertake to offer my services to help each family I work with, to ensure they have the best possible funeral for the person who has died.

I believe that families should be encouraged to do as much as they feel able to in the creating and carrying out of a funeral ceremony, and I will encourage families that I work with to send The Natural Death Centre the story of their funeral so that others can be inspired to be fully involved with creating ceremonies too.'

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