Ask the Moon

Ask the Moon

Will somebody ask the moon for me

so that I may then know Why those we love are swept away

from life that loved them so Will someone speak in natures tongue

of why the wind does blow For then perhaps we understand

where all our lost ones go sweet sunshine shed a ray of light

on suffering and pain Tell of who invented this

and what they had to gain

oh mystery please come to me

and break the clouds in two

shower me with clues

that they are taking care of you

each leaf I hold with seasoned change

I dedicate to you

for every second owed to you

I trace within the veins

for every tree that sways with me

it rocks me lullabye

I hold you deep within my roots

osmosis tears I cry

walk me through the seasons

the textures of our earth

and fertilise the memories

that tomorrow will rebirth

You flower in the morning

the evening and the whole

Together for

forever more

in spirit, heart and soul.


Colleen Allen

(I am happy for others to use my poetry and artwork if it will help those grieving, but please do always credit my name and website and link me to the post. Thank you x Colleen x

(Copyright Colleen Allen- Hertfordshire Celebrant)

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