Precious Moments (loss of a baby/child)

My body born you in

From a cup full of love

Spilling hope

From the second

we mixed the brew Of you

We were spinning.

Spinning with the wonder of two

and then three, you.


made our voices trill in vibrato


And we bored our friends

Commentating your sealed presence

A small mountain of promise.

We loved the secret of you

Who you would be

Your face, your heart, your you.

And then

The world stood still.

Your perfect beauty silent,

birthed into cradled hand

a new world wrapped you in tears.

So beautiful

cast perfectly from the substance of love


I remember you entirely.

Our hearts fragmented

cast atoms of pain a thousand directions

fractured pieces of soul

held together by loving you.

Your life not measured by incremental time

Tiny hands and feet

You came with love that spans the seasons,

the years.

Each virgin hair on head

Dark curl against dampened skin

Where can I begin.

To thank you precious child

I breathe you in

Tattoo memory of touch

on pregnant skin

You swam within

Poking toes and fingertips

like tiny fins

I breath you in

And love you dearly

I love you dearly

We love you dearly.

All Poetry & Art is the

Copyright of Colleen Allen

Hertfordshire Celebrant

You are welcome to share or use my poetry if it may help someone who is experiencing grief & loss, however all I ask is please reference my name and website and link me to the point of use.

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