Celebration of Life Poem for a Fiesty One

Allow me if I may

to reframe this junction

Let me be heard right now,

not silenced of function

immortal in life

in love with living

Artist, philo-sopher

committed to giving

Explored the edge of mystery,

Infused with culture and history

In life - absorbed good energy

in death find true synergy

mother earth

she’s keeping me

in cradled space

of harmony

secret time

not day not night

unspoken language,

dark to light

I send out love

like morse code beats

Subliminal waves

like air dried sheets

That subtle crisp

and natural scent

Of dancing leaves

through natures vent

wooden trunk

bend crooked hands

hold me as salt blue

meets sands

swim the oceans

soar the sky

I say hello

not wave goodbye

For I forever more, will be

Nothing more, nor less

than me.

Don’t put me on

a pedestal

Perfect, nice and

Oh, so dull

Remember me

for who I am

Feisty, fabulous,

funny and damn

ME, Me,

Me, Me,


Who I was


By Colleen Allen

Please feel free to use my poems to help the bereaved or within a service, but please credit me and link me to the shared post or where used. Thank you

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