NEW* Therapy Dog to Comfort Grieving

I am delighted to be able to bring along my registered PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog, Purdy <3

Purdy is a female silver poodle who belonged to my mother (Molly) before she died in 2016. Purdy brought untold pleasure to my mum and provided a fantastic and responsive companion to her right until she died.

My sister took on the care of Purdy and I decided to get her assessed as a therapy dog to use in my specialist (other) work with children & young people with complex needs.

Purdy has changed the lives of the young people I work with supporting them to cope and develop social skills and confidence, she also helps to reduce the risk of emotional 'melt downs' with young people on the autistic spectrum or with challenging behaviours.

I believe Purdy may offer additional comfort to the bereaved families for whom I am writing and delivering a funeral service, this may ease the strain on adults or children who can cuddle or stroke Purdy as we chat, additionally Purdy could possibly* accompany the family into the service to reduce stress and anxiety and provide a therapeutic companion for a child or individual.

As indicated throughout my website I am an intuitive and creative celebrant, I want to make the most painful time in your life as tolerable as possible and if Purdy can help with this too, please just ask, I am more than happy to bring her along.

*as long as Purdy is happy and settled

#therapydog #poodle #support #bereavement #hertfordshore

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