due to the limited time available for the arrangement of a funeral, coupled with the emotional exhaustion felt by those grieving, it is near impossible to consider what to say about the person who meant SO much. 

How do you condense your love, respect, feelings..

into a 20 - 30 minute service in a crematorium? 


How do you find the time and energy.. 

to collate the persons journey, in an intergenerational way and make sure no one is forgotten?


Or how, when trying to comprehend the loss of a child or baby do you find a space in your mind to know how to express your loss, when you may not have even accepted it yet?


Although we can together create a beautiful piece to fit the main funeral service within the eulogy, it is sometimes more healing and poignant, to consider extending the tributes to the person through a memorial service elsewhere.


There are really no limits to your choice of venue or environment

within which to pay tribute. Memorials do not have to be 'stuffy', morose, regimentary or religious at all, everyone can be involved from children to elders and it can be inside or outdoors.


I am not religious, but I am respectful of all, as such I am open to your wishes. If you or someone else within your family would like to incorporate, prayers, hymns, or symbolism - we can add their beliefs in order to be inclusive.


I love diversity, I love people

and have a great understanding of the range of cultures we are lucky to have in this country through my work and own family. I managed a multicultural centre, multilingual childcare centre, Asylum Seeker & Refugee resources  and Roma Support Centre as well as working for Save the Children fund for 10 years, Action for Children and Chidrens Services along the way. 


My own family is of mixed heritage and my  children enjoy embracing all elements of their culturally blended family. 


The Memorial / Tribute 

It may be that you want to read poetry, have tokens, dancing, singing,  or balloons, want to perform some ritual of your own, or create a piece of art or a memory box.


Ring making workshops are also a lovely way of bringing people together and in some cases ashes can be mixed into or added to the ring in some form.


Workshop based Memorial for children

I would be happy to arrange a 'Memory Box' or other fun workshop to help children heal and make sense of their loss. Memory box/book making or expressive arts sessions allow children to explore their feelings safely (I am enhanced DBS checked as a former manager of Child Protection Services, specialist (therapeutic arts) Family Support Worker and former Art Lecturer.


As indicated, I am an artist and a poet, I would be really very happy to embrace something entirely unique that supports you and your family- be that blood family or significant others.

Telephone or Text anytime - 07999 987 985