I am delighted to be able to provide unique wedding services that embrace, quite simply....



I am an artist and poet and will commit fully to writing and curating the most beautiful, unique and bespoke service that unites two people in love, be that a wedding, commitment ceremony, handfasting, rose or wine ceremony, renewal of vows or any other service that provides ceremony to mark your harmony!


I can take your love story to any venue, any theme any date and any time...

All you need to do (for legal purposes) is to get married with a registrar at the register office, plus 2 witnesses (you do not even need to exchange rings, that can wait for the big service) and the rest is absolutely your choice...from the beach to the zoo, from your garden to skydiving...

Plan your dream, with me. 

A celebrant DOES NOT have a generic script, nor do they have to be rigid in ANY WAY. * I will work with you in constructing a completely personalised service that suits the character, culture, style and taste of those involved, I will input thoughts and ideas, but be guided by you.


I hope to get to know you and work hard to capture exactly what you, your family & loved ones hoped for.

*The only thing I cannot do as a celebrant is: carry out a  service in a church or provide the legal registration of your marriage, this however can be acquired through the registry office, before (or after) the big ceremony.

Remember you do not need to exchange rings or vows in the registry office,

we can do that!

Telephone or Text anytime - 07999 987 985

Frames Studio. Karachi, Pakistan

Multafit Abbas Bhutta & Syeda Mehwish Fatima.

Polly Jago-Rowe

Polly Jago-Rowe


Polly Jago-Rowe

Kim & Schiane

Kim & Schiane

Record Heads B&W
Frames Studio. Karachi, Pakistan

Multafit Abbas Bhutta & Syeda Mehwish Fatima.

Hugging Couple B&W
Body Art
Masked Men B&W
Antique Car
Vintage Wedding
Hugging Couple in Nature
Matching Tattoos
First Dance
Wedding Style in the The Land of Smile
Dance Floor